A Ladder To the Light


This is a short story of how the past three years have changed my art.

I remember seeing a vision of myself some years ago drawing only happy pictures in the future and I laughed at it. Oh, how much I laughed!

I thought that it could never be like that.

Because I really believed that art stems from unhappiness, from darkness – that I need to be the voice for suffering . I even somehow searched for darkness to draw inspiration from. BUT I never published those pictures that I created all over my journals and wrote stories about. I never wanted to pour that darkness on others. Mostly I created in the dark, for myself, like staying in a drawer, hiding.

Mira(cle)Doodles by elinap

 My art had always helped me. All that analyzing with pictures when I studied and when I journaled had given me a feeling of relief, they helped me deepen my knowledge and learn.

Still my belief that art needed to be created out of suffering was so strong that I never realized how much it had in fact helped me.

And the fact that it did help me was proof of it being a source of light in my life.

Mira(cle)Doodles by elinap

 It took me years to draw my ladder up toward the light and change my mindset.

Mira(cle)Doodles by elinap

 With Mira’s appearance my happy doodling begun, and that helped me turn my head up and away from my old story. I was so enchanted by the insides of my safe and secure (because I knew it inside out) but dark drawer that I still sometimes thought that my purpose in life could be to reveal the insides of it.

Mira(cle)Doodles by elinap

 This new world is starting to seem, feel, smell and taste more real every day.

I hope my art can help you climb your ladder, to find your story out of darkness. It is a limited space, that dark one, compared to the infinite possibilities that lay out there for everyone – in love!

And now I can see that the ladder is the interesting part to share, that’s the how. My story. Your ladder is your story.

And more importantly it’s even more interesting to share the sights of the new world that we can see after the climb. That’s where we have awe and wonder on our face, that’s where it’s easy for us to burst out laughing and be happy! That’s where we always end up again if sometimes we dive downwards back into our old story, because then we know the way out – We believe in it.

My art’s purpose is to spread the message of hope – to promise that there is a place to climb up toward – that it will be worth it to draw those steps one by one and climb higher and higher in your vibrations. It is worth to keep on choosing love decision after decision!

Now it’s your turn..

Do you feel like you are hiding your light?
Are you spending your time in your drawer, having fun by yourself maybe, but feeling limited in options?
What brings light in your world?
Can you choose to concentrate on that light on a daily basis and build your ladder out of it?

It may be slow, but by concentrating on the moments you get to spend with your light, you are already living it true – the world of infinite possibilities.


Just keep on choosing love!