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Update Your Settings! GDPR Is Here!

If you have been receiving my elinap updates monthly check out your inbox – I just sent out a message for you!

I’d love to see you on May 31st again with the newest update!

And in case you are wondering what this all is about it is about new data protection requirements that are set here in E.U. area starting on May 25th.

It means that us entrepreneurs need to ensure that the data you give us (email and first name, if you are on my newsletter list and other additional information including your posting address in case you are my client) stays safe with us.

And updating your information as a newsletter subscriber before May 25th is for ensuring that I really do have your consent on visiting your inbox with my updates.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a wonderful thing I think, because personally I haven’t been very interested in giving out my own information. And of course because of that I have already been very careful with your email addresses and information too.

So in a nutshell, as I’ve been getting to know what this GDPR means, here it is:

It means that I will not sell your information to third parties, I will only engage as an entrepreneur with services that are also respecting GDPR (like Mailchimp is for newsletters) and I will keep your info safe on my computer (with proper protection) or a locked drawer if it needs to be written on paper (like in an invoice).

It also asks us entrepreneurs to be clear on how long your information is held – As a newsletter (elinap update) subscriber your information is deleted the moment you unsubscribe. (The link to do that is in every footer of my newsletters)

GDPR also emphasises your rights to your own data, so you always have the right to ask me what information you have given me and you have the right to be forgotten (Bookkeeping laws do ask us to hold on to invoice and other bookkeeping data for some years as an exception to this). There are other rights for you with your data too, and that I can tell you more about if you ask, unless you google it out first yourself.

In conclusion, let’s state that your data is safe with me were you my friend, family member, newsletter subscriber or client!

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