A Coloring Picture Christmas Calendar

With this coloring picture waiting for Christmas will be more colorful!
Buy and download the Christmas Calendar Coloring Picture filled with fun stories!

Print it out and color in one character a day until Christmas Eve!
You can tell stories or listen to your child tell them from the picture as you color.


Starting on December first color the character closest to the number of that date and you’ll have coloring to do for each day before Christmas Eve.

A Great Tool for Teachers

This coloring picture will inspire storytelling and it can be used in a classroom too. Print each student their own coloring picture and color one character a day. Ask for children to write or tell stories of what is happening on that day in the picture. Or color one picture together as a group so that each child gets to choose their own characters!


You can color the background first and leave the animals and other characters blank. (This makes it a fun journey with smaller children if parents color in the background and then your child can color in the characters each day)

Only color the elves hats first and then start coloring the picture day by day.

Invent your own colorful adventure with this picture!


Name the characters, pick your favorite to be the main character and include her/his/its story to the days.

Tell stories about their personalities, tell how they are like. Tell about their dreams and passions.

Where is the reindeer flying?

Why have that giraffe and crocodile climbed up in a tree?

Print in A4 or A3 size

When you are very small and the picture captures your attention.. even though coloring doesn’t yet stay in between the lines (oh well, it doesn’t need to..) and stories start bubbling inside of you, it’s easier to color if you print it out in a bit larger size than the A4 size it was drawn (NOTE: Best quality in A4/letter size prints)

With very little children I recommend hiding the black coloring pencil or marker so you’ll be able to “read” the stories later on too.

Get Yours Before December Begins!

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Note: You are allowed to only print this coloring picture for your own personal use for one group of children or your own family. You can send this to your child’s teacher or a group of children of your choice to be printed out and colored too if they’re interested. One group of children / purchase.

This coloring picture inspires stories and is recommended to children from 6 to 10 years old.
Best quality when printed in letter/A4 size.

Commercial use (resale or otherwise) is strictly prohibited.

Product pictures colored by elinap herself – Your download will be in black&white.

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