Around the World A Coloring Picture Adventure

Ideas & inspiration gathered together
from ORIGIN children all over the world

Illustrated by Elina Puohiniemi aka elinap

Let’s bring our children together with coloring pictures that take us around the world!

Now you can join this adventure with your child(ren) by submitting your ideas.

With this coloring picture

Your child will feel seen, heard and empowered.

You’ll have fun moments telling stories together.

You’ll feel united with other Origin Empresses and
Your child has an opportunity to have international friends!

The world will feel kinder and more inviting
when playing together on a global scale with others.

Your Adventure Awaits!

Reserve your spot and submit your ideas for printable coloring pictures where children all over the world play together!

Origin Empress, Artist & Life coach Elina Puohiniemi has drawn coloring pictures for groups of children since 2015.
In each coloring picture she captures the ideas of each individual from the group and in this way makes everyone feel seen & heard.
When the group begins to color the picture together this feeling deepens.

A coloring picture where your child shows up with her/his ideas not only makes them feel valued and important but also it inspires the whole group to tell stories, ignite their imagination and have compassion and care for others.

“How would you like me to color your character in this picture?” asked a six year old from a fellow group member.

A picture like this can bring you more friends too!

How Does This Work?

Reserve Your Spot
Submit Your Idea
Wait for the finished pictures
Print & Start Coloring

A coloring picture which has ideas gathered from children all over this beautiful planet will help us feel united. It will bring together and realize the power of a group that normally interacts only via social media. When you color these coloring pictures with your child you can point out to him/her that there is a child on the other side of the planet who dreams stories like this.

By Submitting Your Own Ideas

You will get a printable pdf version of the coloring picture(s) via email once they are drawn & ready. There will be coloring pictures around the world – From the places where we all live.

Creating this coloring picture is an adventure itself, it will be a surprise who will submit their ideas and how many coloring pictures will be drawn altogether!

This offer is created for the Origin members only and within the membership group there will be a thread where you can post your child’s story and pictures once the coloring pictures are emailed to you. By sharing our coloring journeys and stories we will inspire each other and also show our children how much fun it is to play together on a global scale.

Details from a coloring picture which illuminated character strenghts (A bear with perseverance, curious turtle and a creative hamster)

Each coloring picture will have a minimum of 8 animal characters, and max 30! You can print the pictures in sizes A4 (Letter) or A3 (Double letter size) -The latter works better for smaller children when there are a lot of details in the picture.

It’s Time to Be Seen & Heard

Once you’ve reserved your spot by clicking the Paypal button below – Let the process lead you to a survey page where you can submit your ideas.
If you have any troubles, send me a message.
(Bookmark the surveypage for later if your child isn’t with you to answer the questions right away.)

Here’s what I will ask you:

Where Are You From?

Tell me in which country you live in and the characteristics of that place that you wish to be included in the coloring picture. All fun ideas are welcome – Otherwise I need to go with cliches and stereotypes I find from the internet of the countries and places.

What Character Do You Want Me To Draw?

What animal, bird or insect you want me to draw? What is your favorite animal?
If possible you can choose a creature which is typical for the country/continent where you live. But if not and you want to go with a pet or a domestic animal or your favorite ever creature in the world – Then I will draw that. Like people move around – So can animals in these coloring pictures too!
If your character has some specific characteristics – like a certain species of a dog – Remember to write everything down – otherwise I need to imagine it.
NOTICE that I will NOT draw any commercial characters.

What Do You Want Your Character to Do in the Coloring Picture?

Tell me all about what you want your character to do!
It can be something you enjoy doing yourself or it can represent your superpowers or something that is a common activity in your country.

I promise to do my best in including all your wishes in the picture – But note that there can be up to 30 other children submitting their ideas in each picture which makes it really interesting to get everything in. But better to have MORE ideas than too little.

In some cases I may need to ask you more questions – Then you’ll receive an email for the email address you write down in the survey.

Over 800 characters drawn based on the wishes of children so Far

This coloring picture was drawn for first graders & takes place at a haunted house in a rain forest.

Let’s Take This Inspiring, Colorful and Magical Trip Around the World Together!

In this video you can see the process of drawing a coloring picture for a group of children. They wished to spend time at a beach together. (No wonder, it was in the middle of a cold winter!)

First I sketch the whole picture with pencil and then I’ll ink it ready.

It was very positive that each child was noticed as an individual and everyone got to be seen & heard. They had a chance to use their imagination. Also the quiet children got excited about the picture and started commenting and exploring the picture.
Teacher for a Group of Six Year Olds

It’s great how many of our ideas she could include in our coloring picture. Her imagination is lovely and so much fun. Her way to draw is so nice.
A Girl from Fifth Grade

This kind of enthusiasm is seldom seen in our classroom! Everybody started to color the picture with zest and there was a lot of talk about the picture going on all day. We will write stories about it too.
Teacher for a Group of First Graders

Some of the children in our group haven’t yet mastered their grip on pencils, but no one gave up the coloring – Many of them colored multiple prints of the same picture. They were enchanted by it. Teacher for another Group of Six Year Old Children

Reserve Your Spot

Once you have finished paying you will be directed to a survey to tell about your wishes.

If you want to submit ideas for more than one child, please, fill in the survey for each child separately.

This offer will end on xxx at 11 pm Eastern European Time

A link to download the coloring adventure will be sent to you via email by xxx.

“The children fell in love with the coloring picture. They felt like you had read their minds with what they wished for it.”

A Teacher Commenting on a Coloring Picture Collaboration via Email

Around the World – A Coloring Picture Adventure

  • Includes coloring picture(s) (PDF) from places that children who submit their ideas live in
  • Inspiration for igniting imagination and storytelling while coloring (PDF).
  • For Origin members also a possibility to share your child’s story in our Facebook group and connect with other children all over the world! New friends in making!

About elinap

Elina Puohiniemi aka elinap

An artist and life coach from Finland

Artist Elina Puohiniemi has drawn coloring pictures for groups of children based on their wishes since 2015 empowering teamwork, igniting imagination and inspiring storytelling for thousands of children in Finland. She has also published 1000+ Mira(cle)Doodles’ online that simplify and illustrate the concepts of spiritual path and make them joyful to implement and take action on.

Elinap is a mother of two sons and has enjoyed working with little children for over two decades. Nature, creativity and happiness of children play a huge role in her life. With the coloring pictures she creates for children she is adding happiness to the world through making every child feel seen & heard. Her education as a Life Coach combined with her skills as a storyteller makes her art a powerful reminder to embrace life as it is, right now.

“Her drawings are unique, great, magical and fun!”

A Girl From Fifth Grade

There’s no age limit for enjoying colors!
And there’s no rules to stay in between the lines!

Enjoy the journey and the stories that unfold!

Which animal is your favorite in this picture and what is it saying?

show your mom its dance moves!

And now let’s get coloring:

Have fun!

© elinap – Elina Puohiniemi 2018