Coaching with Coloring Pictures

Are you longing to open more creative channels to your inner wisdom?

Do you find Mira(cle)Doodles Coloring Exercises sooo interesting,

but have hard time devoting time to go through them?


Let’s color them together – I’ll be your accountability partner and life coach and help you find the answers you seek with loving guidance. You can choose your favorite way of coaching – either via skype (video or without video) or with email.

Confirm your spot by paying the first session.
I’ll send you a link to my online calendar when I see your purchase coming through.

Purchase does not include the coloring pictures. Currently available only to my newsletter subscribers.

With Skype

 Our session is for one hour over at skype.

 I’ll follow up with one email after our session.

With email

 We can either chat via emails or at Facebook for an hour of my time. Estimated three emails both ways.

 I’ll follow up with one email after our session.

Pay with Holvi

Pay via Paypal

After your purchase you’ll be sent a link to my online calendar where you can book your session.

If you have any questions - Send me a message and ask away!

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Disclaimer I’m an artist and a certified life coach, not a therapist. Life coaching and creativity may take you further on your path to happiness, but if you are in need of medical help it won’t be the best way to approach your situation. In that case please contact a professional helper near you.