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Hi! I’m Elina Puohiniemi aka elinap

I’d love to say I’m like my doodle character Mira – always cheerful and smiling with a sparkle in my eyes. Haha!

But I must admit I am more of a peaceful observer. I got that depth in my eyes that sees behind your struggles and finds the hope in there. You are a blank canvas to me everytime we meet – I can never know how much you have grown since we last met. So I let you be who you are. I like to make people laugh, but more often I love to dive deep with them (and then make you laugh).

I have loved to learn about art, nature, children and human nature in my studies. I’ve graduated as an artist, nature entrepreneur and master (life) coach. I have two decades worth of experience working part time with little children. I have two kids of my own too.

Creativity, nature and children are the three cornerstones I always return back to if I get sidetracked.

Life is good, life is simple and I love that you are spending a bit time with me here – Feel free to ask me anything, send comments or start a chat with me!


If you are interested in illustrations for your books, educational material, blogs or other publications send me a message and tell me what you’d need, your schedule and budget.

Here are some example prices

  • Character design for your own character starting from 297 €.
  • Digital doodle illustration for your blog or other commercial use starting from 111 € / picture.

Prices for illustrating a children’s book depends on so many criteria (for example color or b&w, digital or print, number of pictures) that it’s better to start with sending me a message – Let’s chat!

Coloring Pictures

for Groups of Children

Currently my offer for coloring pictures for groups of children is 10 €/child. Minimum 150 €/picture.

If you desire to order a coloring picture for your family, prices start from 50 €.

Christmas coloring pictures are available in November.


VAT is added to the prices if needed.

I’m a member of Kuvittajat ry – The Finnish Illustration Association

Go to Kuvittajat ry website to see the terms and agreements for Illustration commissions.

Elina Puohiniemi
Vantaa, Finland