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This is a special place created for expanding the first volume of the Mira(cle)Doodles Coloring Workbook series.
Here you can dive deeper and find

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This is all about YOU and your journey of fulfilling your dreams – Enjoy the Journey!

Gratitude Coloring

Download these sheets of gratitude coloring pages for yourself and print them out for your daily gratitude coloring practice.

1. Open the link by clicking the pictures on the right.
2. Right click over the photo and click “Save as”.
3. Save the picture on your computer and print it.
4. You can use these pictures as your daily gratitude practice and meditate on the feeling of gratitude or what you are grateful for as you color.

You can make it a habit of for example 5 minutes of daily gratitude coloring or you can color with just one color/day, so you don’t need to concentrate on what it’ll look like, but let go of the outcome and relax and let your mind wander to feeling of gratitude.

You can also extend this practise into any another coloring book you love to color.

Gratitude Coloring Figures
Gratitude Coloring Nature
Mira(cle)Doodles by elinap
Mira(cle)Doodles by elinap

My Story

Sometimes our dream feels like it is hiding in a big beautifully wrapped gift. Our egos tell us not to open that gift. There are millions of reasons that it’ll tell you, “You’re not good enough”, “It’s too late”, “Why would it work if it didn’t work the last time you tried?”, “What if you succeeded?”, “What if ou failed?”

I felt overwhelmed with my “gift”. I knew many of the steps I’d need to take to live a life filled with purpose. I maybe knew too much, because they just made me feel really stuck.

My dream was to be an artist and live the life I live now. And publish books.

It was my truest Dream. And so I wrote it out in detail, what kind of artist I really wanted to be. I asked myself what is that I can offer the world with the skills that I have and with the passion that drives me?

But not until the end of my two year long life coach studies did I admit it to myself and accepted myself as I am – an artist. I made a declaration of it and embraced the truth as much as I could.

After that I started to think and define, what is “An artist” and the minute I started to go through my stereotype of an artist, grace stepped in as I realized the beauty of the stereotype!! There’s no need to know how to handle money – yet. “Artists aren’t very good at that”. I can learn it later, but first I’d reclaim my artistic powers fully. I’d see where it’d lead and then I’d set new goals to be a successful artist who knows her money. I learned that I thought about the stereotype also in a positive way: An artist is already successful when she can explore her art and is able to grow and develop in her skills and in her conversation with her inner world. She doesn’t think what others think but creates her own world boldly. I created my “After” picture from that!

“Why do I want to be an artist?” I started questioning myself next. I want to draw because it balances me. I get the feeling that I’m connected to my inner voice and wisdom and peace. I get answers and am able to grow and develop.
Why? So that I could serve the world and bring into this world something more by being myself fully.
Why? Because I feel that there are a lot of people in this world who live in fear and under their ego’s command, but I feel that our world is really beautiful and lovely.
Why? Because I want to draw this world better. I want to draw a world that serves people (and doesn’t frighten them). I want to awaken the souls to sing! So that people can see the beauty and find the wisdom inside of them. So that they would feel they are, have and do enough.
Why? The world needs to hear more loudly “What instead” than “What’s wrong” and I want to be the voice to add the knowledge of “What instead” to the world.

Mira(cle)Doodles by elinap

So I simplified and asked only what does an artist do daily? She draws! She creates! When I declared to be an artist I didn’t yet draw daily. So I added a daily doodle practice in my days. And because I had it in my whys to serve the world with my art I started sharing them daily in social media. I also challenged myself for a commitment of 365 days of daily doodling, because I felt I really needed time to grow in this and a year felt intuitively enough for that.

Finding your strengths has been something I’ve worked on for years with kids and myself. There’s a beautiful treasure chest about character strengths at the VIA Institute on Character website! I warmly recommend to look for your strengths. It has taken me a long time to harness my strengths as my allies, I tend to forget them when any storm hits, but with knowing your strengths you can change your downward spirals into upward spirals!! They lead you into higher vibes any time!

I shared my doodles with the world boldly without the need to control the outcome (I loved to keep Mira’s figure open to change and I was forever curious of how my pen drew her each time. But at first it horrified me to publish my sketches instead of something I had spent more time with). It all lead into a magical path that opened doors and created me many new possibilities that I couldn’t have foreseen if I had tried to control it.

I knew that when my doodles made me feel so good, I could trust them and know that it is okay to share and take my steps and spread the love and passion that I felt even though I had no control over them anymore. So I let go and just loved what I created.

A daily commitment to doodling opened me possibilities and I got help and took all the necessary steps one by one and am still taking them. For example I founded my own fb group and there I practiced expressing myself with words around my doodles. I learned to be vulnerable I learned to speak out and it all strengthened me and taught me so much!

It all happened in timing that was like tailored for me. My comfort zone expanded naturally. None of the steps scared me when they opened up for me, I felt powerful and ready to take them. And now I’ve published my first book! Yay!





My dream was so big it felt overwhelming to think of the steps that I’d need to take. I thought I didn’t have the right equipment. I felt I didn’t have the resources to be an artist in a way that I really wanted to be. I knew I needed better website and a newsletter and all that. It was paralyzingly huge task for me. I really didn’t feel Enough.

Mira(cle)Doodles by elinap
Mira(cle)Doodles by elinap
Mira(cle)Doodles by elinap
Mira(cle)Doodles by elinap

Gratitude practice is something that I did try to do by journaling and by Happiness jars and such, but for me it has now become a new mindset that looks for good in situations first. It’s funny when after something happens I talk about all the greatness that happened to my family. I love to dwell on what went right! I love all the magnificent lessons that any hardship holds for me. I love the shadow side of life as I love the light side of it too. They both offer so much learning. And so much to dwell on and to rewrite my story as a happy version afterwards. I think gratitude is a lot about that – shining light on everything that happens in your life!

Now I opened my eyes to really see what was going on! So many miracles came my way as well as blessings!! Whoa! The little control-freak in me had a hard time with this, because it had set limits to receiving!

By being willing to open up more and more to the flow of life and surrender myself to the abundance of the flow, more synchronicities started to happen. Things begin to flow and it all felt so right and the timing was right and it felt like magic!

One of the sweet synchronicities that happened was how Marie Kondo’s book was introduced for me in perfect timing. I suddenly went through a process where all my stuff turned into my teachers that blessed my dream. (I held the same vision for the konmaring process as I held in my life. Kondo tells us to ask “Does this spark joy?” as we go through our stuff and keep our vision clear in our mind. I asked “Does this support my dream?” and suddenly all my stuff that I kept, support me on my way!)

With Mira’s help I learned to wake up the inner child in me as Mira represents one with her joyful character! My lovely followers and the monthly challenges I created for my group only encouraged this playfullness to wake up too!

I trust now that fun and joy are my birthright as well as the trick to rise my vibrations to create happiness in my life. I learned how beautifully playful we are no matter what our age is. (It was the end of taking my life too seriously!)

More Inspiration and Resources

Here are some of the sources of my inspiration. I'm so grateful for all the inspiration I got - Thank you so much!

Questions & Answers

Basic tips for coloring and anwers to your questions about coloring and dreams and the path that is unfolding for you with the help of this book.
I’m updating this as there comes more questions. Ask away!

Coloring a Mira(cle)Doodles Coloring Workbook

Basics About Coloring
  • The paper is such in the Mira(cle)Doodles Coloring Workbooks that coloring with color pencils is recommended. If you want to use different kinds of coloring pens, you can try them on the extra pages at the end of the book and see how they work.
  • I like to test my color pencils on a piece of paper before I color with them. And I like to test how the shades mix together there too, that way I can avoid surprises in the picture I’m coloring. There are empty pages at the end of the book where you can test your pencils or write your notes.
  • Sharp color pencils help you color precisely, but unsharp color pencils are great for smooth layered coloring where you can mix colors together – Just keep your color pencil a little bit more horizontally and color with a lighter touch.
I like to color with vibrant colors and a heavy touch, but the other pages of the book get smudged by the color from the pictures already colored. What should I do?

You can put white sheets of paper in between each page to avoid this problem while you are coloring and remove them when you are done.
This way every page stays pretty.

Help with the steps

Visual dreaming

I left the lines away from the answering space so that you can always also visualize your answers by drawing them (or even glue in some photos! It’s like creating a vision board book!)

In the book you talk about “an inner guide” – How can I recognize its voice from all the other nonsense going on in my head?

I have two criteria for the voice I love to follow. ONE: It always makes you feel better and TWO: it’s usually an instant answer. (But notice that if it asks you to leap too far, you don’t need to follow it. It will always come back to you in another time in another situation, I don’t believe in once in a lifetime chances.. If you don’t feel ready for what it suggests, then it will lead you through your challenges some other way.

You got time! Be loving toward yourself!)

I’m stuck! It feels so hard for me to find the answers





All is well. Take a deep breath in – – – and breathe out – – –

All the questions in this book are meant to be seeds, they begin a process of thinking about dreaming more positively. Sometimes it takes time for the seeds to grow roots before they sprout. By just reading the book you plant the seed! You are doing enough. And the truth is that it took me about three years to go through all these steps that I put in this book. Be patient and keep watering the seed. And when you are ready, the answer will appear. (And hey, there are no rules in which order you need to fill in the answers, choose the most joyful step and begin from there.




How to pick your daily task to commit to?
  • If you have trouble finding the perfect task to commit to daily look for effortlessness. The easiest way to commit to your dream that I can think of is to THINK about it every day and visualize it as much and as vividly as you can. That’s enough already!
  • Then one step further is to think about a concrete task from the life that you’ll be living when your dream has come true and pick one of them. It can be a smoothie a day, five minutes of yoga a day, flossing your teeth every day – Anything that you can think of and when you are doing that one task, feel grateful that you are living your dream true right there and then already. Start small, start easy and soon you’ll notice that more and more of your dream life sneaks in every day.
What’s the difference between blessings and miracles?

According to A Course in Miracles miracles are shifts in perception. For me that means the moment when I begin to expand and widen my perspective. For example a miracle for me is a change in my mindset about the obstacles that used to stand between me and my dream. I hope this book helps you to shift your perception.

  • Blessings are beautiful, loving actions from the world to you. They can mean all the ‘Likes’, all the smiles, all the encouragement that you get. Or they can be as gentle as a summer breeze, like a heartshaped stone you spot on the beach. Anything that brings you joy!

Note that when you count your blessings, there is Never any lack of them, you just need to learn to see them. So don’t go chaising them, allow them come to you and be grateful for all of them.

There are just so many dreams that I want to come true, what can I do?

That’s a beautiful situation to live in – in abundance of possibilities! My advice is to dive deeper into the themes of your life to find out which dream would serve you the best. Or with which one to begin. (Of course they can all come true, you just need to begin with one). Think of the things, situations and experiences in your life that have brought you joy the most in the past. See if there are something in common in them and if you can find direction from there of what you could add more in your life. Pick the dream that will do just that!

Feel free to ask more, comment and share your story – Send a message to me!

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