DreamDoodles – Special Offer

DreamDoodles are

Customized coloring pictures based on YOUR dream

Benefits of coloring your own Dreamdoodle
may include:

  • Getting clear on what your dream is exactly.
  • Accelerated manifestation.

You also learn what helps you to keep on track and follow your dream.

Your Dream Visualized

You may have heard of vision boards which are tools to help you manifest your desires.

A Dreamdoodle is a bit like that,
Only now you have an artist at hand with whom you can visualize your dream in a way that is uniquely you.

Coloring your dreamdoodle also let’s you get creative with color and
Add to the picture your own touch and creativity.

50 % off – Now Only 93 €!

You’ll receive your DreamDoodle within two weeks after
I receive all the information needed from you through our email conversation.
(Including two emails with coaching questions to answer)

If you have any questions – feel free to send me email!
More information about DreamDoodles can be found here.

Disclaimer – Artist Elina Puohiniemi is a certified Master Coach, not a therapist. The process described above (DreamDoodling) is all about focusing in the positive so that there can be more of it in your life (Energy flows where your attention goes). If you happen to be in a situation or phase in your life where there’s hard for you to see the light, then please first seek out professional help from a therapist and take action to really start feeling better – You are worth it! Dreamdoodles are not a healing tool for that.

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