This Is Enough




Minimal – This Is Enough

Do you ever wonder what is enough?

For years I’ve slowed down, listened to my heart, decluttered my life from material possessions as well as thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve me. Here at MINIMAL – THIS IS ENOUGH I embrace my life as it is and tell some stories that capture the moment and make me feel like I do, have and am enough. I hope this inspires you to look for your own Moments!

You can submit your own 100 words of joy, peace, insights and enoughness with the Submission form and be my guest.

The purpose of this website is to bring back peace in those moments when we lose it by reminding us lovingly of what is enough.

Here’s to slow, peaceful and loving life!

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Do you want to submit your 100 words of your precious moments?

You can send your writings with the Submission form and I'll get back to you!

I will post guest musings that are uplifting, peaceful and/or insightful.
Together we can fill this place with peace.