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The characters of the Mira(cle)doodles were born when I studied A Course in Miracles couple years ago. I actually doodled it through too, because I learn as I draw. That book is quite heavy stuff to read so it was very helpful to get help from these characters. They helped me to comprehend, step a little further to see the bigger picture and they brought joy and love to the daily studying.


Mira popped out of my pen in spring 2014. She is ever-curious, joy spreading representation of an inner child who always makes us feel better and thus creates miracles with her presence.

Mostly Mira is joyful and like a child wonders about life. She easily feels awe and joy, and follows her heart wherever she leads her.

The drama of her life builds up around her choice: Will she choose what her ego tells her to or will she follow her heart?

A Fun Fact: Mira's favorite Answer to Life in All Situations...

When simplified, everything comes down to just breathing. It’s annoyingly helpful.

“Just breathe.”

Ground yourself into this moment with your breathing.


This little heart symbolizes the love that we are. It is all encompassing, all accepting. It has deep faith in the part of us that knows that our birthright is joy and love and ease. Mira has the power to choose love, if she just looks around and remembers it is ever present.

Sometimes Mira just chooses to go the longer way and loses herself in the human drama.

But her heart never loses her. It will stick around!

It’s easier to choose love, when we have activated the newest parts of our brain, the frontal.


The lizard in the doodles symbolizes our ego. Whenever we make decisions from our primary brain (also called the lizard brain), this fellow is at play. We then begin defending, explaining and attacking, fear rules our action.

A course in Miracles describes these moments as a call for love. It is interesting to make the drama visible with these symbols, because it helps to reveal the moments in our lives when we need to make a better decision.

We do need our egos help to survive, but survival isn’t enough, we want to thrive – and for that we need to choose wiser.


Sandee (or Sandy) is Mira’s little blue-eyed friend. She symbolizes our interactions with others. She is Mira’s beloved friend and supporter, reflecting love and loyalty back to her.

With Sandee, Mira gets a chance to practice being loving and kind. And the effects are worth to see!


Is sometimes like a wildly galloping horse. When the ego saddles the horse – it will easily go on in the same old rut for ages. Mira’s conscious choices frees the mind and she also seeks to quiet it byt the power of her self love.

Calm Your Mind


Sometimes this furry fellow appears in the doodles to symbolize the fear Mira is feeling and to show how she is handling it. Fearlessly isn’t an option for her, because fear is sticky and best to be accepted as a part of our lives. But will Mira let her fear make decisions.. What would you do?


Begins when she starts to wake up – The ego isn’t happy its comfort is shaken.

But you know – it’s all good.

Even if it feels rocky and hard at times it will bring her more happiness.

The leap is worth taking!

Here’s for feeling free &

Owning our lives!

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