It all started with A Course in Miracles

I studied the workbook by journaling it and on the pages of my journal appeared a little bald stickwoman to help me comprehend the lessons. I found it easier to understand the dualistic world with the help of these figures.

On May 12th, 2014 (Lesson 51) she got hair and continued to appear now daily on the pages of my journal with a lot of something to say (I spent hours daily to go through one lesson at a time!)

Mira Gets Her Name

At first I called her Hertta (Hearts in a card deck and a female name in Finland), but a little bit later her name changed into Mira as in Miracle. A human is called “ihminen” in Finnish and miracle is “ihme”. So I thought that maybe Mira means also “human” in English.. (I love to play with words in some weird ways..)

The Colors Came In

In September 2014 I published my first colorful Mira-doodle as a part of a three week doodle challenge by Molly Hahn. It was a 21-day doodle challenge and I was really scared of pushing the publish button. BUT people never said anything I feared. Phew! Doodling myself into the light began!

Mira(cle)Doodles Online Community Was Founded

In January 2015 I participated in Kate Northrup’s #MoneyLoveChallenge by studying its lessons by doodling and published those doodles in Kate’s facebook group getting overwhelmingly loving support and so I began to see that these doodles have more power in them than I can imagine.
They didn’t move only me, but many others too!

Next I founded a free online community, Mira(cle)Doodles, for these doodles. There I shared more vulnerably and could interact better with my followers. I gained a lot more confidence with that and feel forever grateful for all that we experienced together!

365 Daily Doodles

I decided to devote year 2015 to daily doodling and bringing the love and light I get from Mira to everyone who needs it too! And being blissfully free from the outcome, I was curious to see where she’ll take me!

A Fun Fact: Fingers!!! Aaargh!!!

I must admit.. It wasn’t just the publish button that terrified me, it was the drawing itself too..
I had drawn all my life and graduated from Art School as an artist, but then one day I just stopped drawing.

Yep. Just like that.

And there was this nagging feeling over the years that something was wrong.
All the time I was drawn to express my creativity, I mastered crocheting toys for my children for example.
But it wasn’t the same…

Then one day – I took a pen and started drawing again.
After all those years of not drawing, it looked like a three year old did it.
It took some guts to continue because I did remember the photorealistic pictures I had done some years earlier.
And I sucked now!

As I continued to practice it all started to come back, slowly and steadily. My drawings were published in a popular slow life movement’s website but not before I started doodling Mira did I relax again while drawing. My pen started to dance again and I was in love!

Sooo – What about those fingers then?

I was terrified of drawing them when I started publishing the doodles.
So I gave myself permission to not draw any fingers!
Deep down I knew all along that after a year of daily doodling I’d be tempted to challenge myself to start experimenting with them too.

I think it was around doodle #200 or so when it was just natural to start drawing them again.

And so Mira got her fingers!

The First Book Was Published

In March 2016 I published a workbook called Color Your Dreams True which helped people to overcome overwhelm about their dream and it was well received by many life coaches who shared it with their clients. Later I found out that it was aligned with Mike Dooley’s Infinite Possibilities concept and was thrilled!

Appearance in a Magazine & Interviews

Since early 2016 Mira has been featured five times a year in a Finnish magazine called Meidän Suomi (Our Finland) which is a national magazine of Reader’s Digest. I was also interviewed for magazines and a podcast that spring.

“Look behind and give thanks, look forward and trust, look around and love.”

Learning Visibility

In the beginning of 2016 I created more than 100 private posts at Patreon, but I still wasn’t confident enough about shouting out loud about what I do.. and so that adventure proved not to be the one that would have supported my art.

Next I joined Project Positive Change’s heart-centered entrepreneur visionaries with Mira(cle)Doodles and was drawn to learn more about visibility and marketing. With PPC I visited London and doodled at a seminar and was introduced to an awesome group of heart-centered entrepreneurs that support each other and share their journey together. I love it!

A Little Story: Infinite Possibilities

It’s amazing what trusting your intuition can do. It’s scary at first and your ego may try to make you beat yourself up after making the decisions based on your intuition. BUT if you combine trusting your intuition with gratitude and start looking for what is right and how much good you get, your whole story starts to unfold in a miraculous way.

We can’t see the bigger picture when we are in it, but trusting that your path is leading you toward more love, joy and happiness makes a huge difference!

The Next Steps

Where Mira takes me next is a pleasant mystery for me every day – I love to follow her guidance and I’m so happy you found your way here too!

Thank you for your support & comments and sharing the journey with me!

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