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A possibility to ask Mira about life. I’ll pick one question a month to doodle an answer to.

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A Coloring Exercise

Helping you to connect back to love, see the bigger picture and/or just love life a little bit more.

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Uplifting Doodles

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Each Monday you’ll receive something like this in your inbox – The coloring exercises are published in the first newsletter of the month.

I believe all the colors in our life have a message for us and

with coloring we can dive deeper into the flow of connection to our inner voice.

The only wisdom we truly need to listen to.

A Fun Fact: Coloring the Mira(cle)Doodles

You could guess that it could get boring to color the same red dress and brown hair for the thousandth time..

But it doesn’t.

Mira’s message typically clarifies as I color it (and I don’t use any digital shortcuts.. But color it all one strike of my pen at a time)

It’s the part of the creation process when I tune into the flow of love, going deeper & deeper into the wonderful connection with my soul.

And that’s where I guide you to go too with these coloring exercises!

The trick for me is in the boringness and repetition. Like if it’s easy for you to get new insights when you walk, vacuum, knit or wash dishes, then try coloring!

Sample pictures of the newsletter coloring exercises

These coloring exercises are tools to lead you back to love.

I am so grateful to you for the newsletters, Elina. The theme each month is always so timely and just what I need to keep moving forward in a heart centred way. Mira is inspiring and I often find myself telling people something “Mira said” in one of your doodles when coaching people. Thank you for the work you are doing and for sharing it with us.

Feedback from the Lovely Subscribers

I love the doodle of the month and the printable Mira(cle) Stories!
They are just always so sweet and uplifting.
It’s like an extra scoop of self-love.

There’s a magic in these drawings.

Elina’s Mira(cle)doodles Newsletter is a beautiful lighthearted insight into how we can bring more love into our lives. I look forward to each and every newsletter because I know it will brighten my day. It always seems to help ground me and enjoy the path I’m walking. Thank you Elina and Mira. ❤

Mira(cle) Monday Newsletter Subscriber since November 2015

Q & Doodle

What would you like to ask Mira about your spiritual path, life and everything?

My doodling began when I had tons of questions and wanted to understand more about life and being human. So Mira appeared on the pages of my journal… She always helped me to either see where I had gone wrong OR where I would most likely rather be. She led me back to love, so to speak.

It’s now time to let Mira work her magic with you – What would you like to know or understand more about your life and let Mira answer you?

You can ask your Q by replying to the MIra(cle) Monday Newsletter (That’s the only way!)

>>> I’ll choose one question to answer every month with a doodle and publish it in the Mira(cle) Monday Newsletter and my blog. Your name will not be shown, unless you say it’s okay, but I’ll include the question in the post.

I will offer this possibility only for :: my newsletter subscribers ::

Thank you so much for your wonderful questions!

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