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Doodling & Drawing

elinap As A Story Aunt

 A coloring picture that captures everyone’s unique wishes, strengths and desires is a fun way for a group of children to get to know each other and bond together as a group.

 My coloring pictures that are based on children’s wishes have been empowering teamwork, igniting imagination and inspiring storytelling for thousands of children in Finland since 2015.

Every child in a group is seen & heard.

 For the teachers these coloring pictures have offered a great tool to teach writing, storytelling and depending on what kind of other themes they have chosen to be presented in the picture the possibilities are unlimited. My favorite is to illustrate children’s individual character strengths as well as acts of kindness with these coloring pictures.

Christmas Calendar Coloring Pictures

For families the Christmas Coloring Pictures have offered a delightful way to relax into the Christmas spirit with daily coloring. Some families have colored their advent calendar together – Just a small moment of coloring each day for 24 days unites the family especially with the added little storytelling moment when you can listen to your child tell you stories from the picture.


 The True Storyteller is You

 I call myself a story aunt telling stories with my illustrations – But you are the true storyteller – Digging out the stories and using your own words to tell them.

 Each picture holds as many stories as there are colorers.


My Mission

With my art I want to help children feel they are seen & heard and accepted as their unique beautiful selves that they are.


Coloring Picture Meetings

Here in Finland I have visited schools, daycare centers and festivals in person to draw coloring pictures for groups of children or the festival audience. But this can also be done via email – Then I’ll include a video of the drawing process with a little greeting for you to enjoy! (See below)



Currently my offer for coloring pictures for groups of children is 10 €/child. Minimum 150 €/picture.

If you desire to order a coloring picture for your family, prices start from 50 €.

VAT is added to the prices if needed.

If you are interested in coloring a picture designed especially for your group of children (or inner children) send me a message!

Here’s a link to Tarinatädin värityskuvat website for more information in Finnish.

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