The Four Phases of Creativity

The Four Phases of Creativity

A Path to Unleashing the Natural Flow of Your Creativity

by elinap

Now available as a hard cover and paperback

Get ready to say goodbye to creator’s block, procrastination, frustration and anxiety—The Four Phases of Creativity takes you on a delightful journey on learning how to make your dreams come true from start to finish—with happy doodle insights.

Let your dream no more stay a dream!

Imagine a life where your creativity flows freely and naturally!

One joyful project after another sees its fruition, and you feel accomplished and nourished by your life.

When you look around there’s one clear example of somebody who is succeeding in this:


She does it beautifully!

But how?

The Four Phases of Creativity Background

Let’s dive in and embrace nature as our teacher and the moon and seasons as our guides.

Now available as a hard cover and paperback
Review of The Four Phases of Creativity by elinap
Review of The Four Phases of Creativity by elinap

“Mira’s simplicity & innocence is truly captivating.”

– Nina Khoo, Highly Sensitive Coach –

In the book You’ll find…

Meet Mira & Her Heart

Mira & Her heart

MIRA is an ever-curious, joyful inner child who loves to follow her heart and what’s there not to follow because…

MIRA’S HEART represents inner guidance, intuition, inner wisdom, soul or true self — choose whatever word you want to use. She symbolizes the love that we are.

Other characters in the book include the moon, stars and lots of hearts to symbolize all the help that’s available at any given moment for us.

The Four Phases of Creativity

Doodles on every page illustrating each phase of creativity.

The Four Phases of Creativity

Troubleshooting for each Moon phase to help with its most typical struggles.

Follow your heart!

That’s what Mira, the doodle character from the book, does when she shows how to do this in the sweet and uplifting black & white illustrations on every page.

If you are a visual learner…

If you have studied the moon phases before you’ll find a refreshing take on them in this book. The illustrations in their uncomplicated wisdom will turn any overwhelm you might have about this into delightful a-ha moments…

If you are totally new to this you’re in the right place too – This is a great introduction and a beginning for getting to know how we are connected with nature and as powerful creators as nature herself…

If you are a tactile person who loves to lay down comfortably, take out pens and highlighters to color, journal and make little doodle notes on the sides of the pages of your favorite books…

…This book is made for you!

The Four Phases of Creativity

“I loved this book so much! Having the natural flow of creativity explained in this way, gave me a lot of hope for my future projects. The drawings really give me so much joy every time I look at them. It has become my go-to for every new project or when I feel stuck and need a reminder that it is ok to rest. Thank you Elina for creating such an incredible gem.”

Sonja Nannan


“You have created a fantastic book. Mira’s simplicity & innocence is truly captivating. It’s an easy-to-read & captivating guide to aligning with Nature’s rhythms & cycles to tune into our creative process!”

Nina Khoo

Highly Sensitive Coach

The Four Phases of Creativity

Author and illustrator

elinap - Elina Puohiniemi

Elina Puohiniemi aka elinap

An artist and life coach from Finland.

Elina Puohiniemi, aka elinap, is an artist, life coach and the creator of the Mira(cle)Doodles series. She loves to sing her soul song to the trees on her daily forest walks and follow her happy poodle’s wagging tail.

When it gets dark out Elina looks for the moon for guidance and searches for a loving meaning in everything she experiences. As a tactile learner she needs to draw what she wants to understand, and thus were born her uplifting doodles that simplify and explain spiritual challenges with a loving twist.

Elina lives in Finland with her husband and their two teenage sons. And the poodle of course.

Why I created this book…

When you look at any calendars here in Finland you’ll see the moon phases printed in all of them. I wondered why until I understood how the moon phases are connected with farming to help the farmers.

My farmer grandma lived by the ancient wisdom of the power of nature and let me know early on that “seeds need to be planted on the Waxing Moon or otherwise they won’t make strong roots”.

I didn’t yet get curious then, although always did what she said without questioning it.

When I joined a women’s moon circle ran by Gabriela Ariana, my yoga teacher, she introduced me the different powers of the moon phases and I started exploring how they applied into my life.

A couple years later I joined Kate Northrup’s Origin Collective where we explored these theories with an international community of women entrepreneurs so I got to implement the knowledge not only for the body, but my business too. I realized how spiritually interwoven Nature’s wisdom and creating art was.

My breakthrough into having my life flow with more ease came from connecting the dots between having the ancient wisdom of my maternal lineage running in my veins and how my creativity as an artist flows in phases too, and how embracing the wisdom truly helps.

I’ll let you in my secret… As a creative person rest is my go to solution for almost anything, and you’ll get a glimpse on that in the book too. With a rested body and mind, life is sweet and it’s easy to hear your heart’s whispers!

And to follow your heart even more consciously!

I wrote and illustrated this book to dive even deeper into Nature’s wisdom – I need to draw and journal to understand – As a result you’ll now have a chance to experience the simplified nuggets of wisdom with doodle illustrations to beat any overwhelm you may have – Truth is always about ease, and it’s sweet and joyful too!

My wish is that your life will also be easier, sweeter and filled with joy after you read this book and start diving deeper into listening your inner wisdom with the journaling prompts you can find in the book.

Review of The Four Phases of Creativity by elinap

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