It all began with a little red-dressed doodle girl popping out of my pen in 2014. Read more about my journey over at Mira(cle)Doodles page.
In 2018 I’m doodling daily with ink on paper with all the colors of the rainbow (and some more!) with different color each month.

Minimal – This Is Enough

My latest adventure is about creating a place online where we can be at peace. Minimal – This is Enough is a website for moments and musings that bring us back to where we can let creativity flow freely. For me that comes from feeling I do, have and am enough. Life and love are quite simple after all!

With Children

Since 2015 I’ve called myself a story aunt visiting groups of children and drawing coloring pictures for them based on their wishes. As every child in the group is seen & heard these coloring pictures have turned into empowering tools to inspire storytelling and imagination bonding children together as a group.

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