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Mira's Heart Guiding Her

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Mira's Heart Guiding Her

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Coloring relaxes your mind &
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  •  A new meditative coloring exercise every month.
  • Each coloring exercise is one of the steps redrawn & refreshed from my coloring workbook “Color Your Dreams True & Learn to Trust the Process” including questions that inspire you to go deeper with your dream and learn to trust the process.
  • Stay connected with your dream with an additional tracker that you can color.

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Mira's Heart Guiding Her


Your Dream as a Coloring Picture

You have a dream, you have a goal, a feeling you’d like to have more in your life and now you can have it visualized as a coloring picture drawn by elinap.

When you color your DreamDoodle, you spend time focusing on what you want from your life, and what you focus on grows!

Coloring relaxes your mind and let’s your heart sing with all the colors of the rainbow – Find your treasure at the end of it by ordering your own DreamDoodle today!

Mira's Heart Guiding Her


If you are interested in illustrations for your books, educational material, blogs or other publications send me a message with the contact form below and tell me what you’d need, your schedule and budget.

Here are some example prices

  • Character design for your own character starting from 297 €.
  • Digital doodle illustration for your blog or other commercial use starting from 111 € / picture.

Prices for customized illustrations depend on so many criteria (for example color or b&w, digital or print, number of pictures) that it’s better to start with sending me a message – Let’s chat!

Mira's Heart Guiding Her

Also Available

Journals and notebooks with cover designs by elinap at Redbubble!

Coming Up in November 2020 again

Mira's Heart Guiding Her

Christmas Calendar

Four four years already elinap’s Christmas calendar Coloring Pictures have inspired storytelling and making memories that last by giving families an easy way to spend a creative moment together every day!

Available again in November 2020!

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Mira's Heart Guiding Her

An Online Course

Wrap up Your Year & Find the Gifts of 2020

This course provides you with coloring exercises that help you relax your mind and connect with your inner wisdom. That way you can reflect back on the year and pick up the gems to carry with you to the future with elinap’s guidance.

Available again in November 2020!

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Elina Puohiniemi
Vantaa, Finland

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