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Creates Illustrations & Books

Books for Inner Children

 – Follow Your Heart –

Elinap books for inner children are designed to offer you a sparkle of delight and a feeling of wonder – Just like you had as a child when you welcomed life as it is. View life now through the eyes of Mira, and see how obscure concepts and life’s challenges turn into whimsy and fun.

The Four Phases of Creativity

The Four Phases of Creativity
A Path to Unleashing the Natural Flow of Your Creativity

When you have a dream, and no longer want it to stay a dream – you yearn to make it come true – you can learn from the Moon and the nature how it’s done. Illustrations lead you through the process in their MIRAculously delightful way and journaling prompts help you stay connected with your heart, and your dream, so that you’ll always know what steps to take and when to make your dream come true.

Jumpstart Your Journey from Fear to Love with Joy

Jumpstart Your Journey from Fear to Love with Joy
A Collection of Doodle Notes from the First Fifty Lessons of A Course in Miracles Workbook

Studying A Course in Miracles Workbook can be fun when you have as joyful guide as Mira to go through it. In this first book of the series you’ll find doodle notes for the first fifty lessons from the workbook.

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Children’s Books

 – For Children –

Children are naturally connected to love and who they truly are, so in her children’s books elinap wants to support that and create books that celebrate what we are and what we already have. Nature plays a big part in wellbeing as well as elinap’s books.

Tarinatädin värityskuvat by elinap

Poweranimals on a Quest to Find Their Strenghts

In her newest coloring book elinap illustrates 26 character strengths as coloring pictures which you can color while reading a story and taking time to know each character strength. Maybe you find yours like all the power animals find theirs on their quest to get to know themselves. Story in Finnish.

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Mira(cle)Doodles by elinap

Boop, Says the New Moon

Mira has a dream she wants to make come true, but she can’t do it on her own. She asks for help from the Moon. In this book Mira plants the seed for her dream, goes through all four seasons to see her dream blossom, carry fruit and being shared in celebration with her friends. Story in English.

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Coloring Workbooks

 – Planting seeds of happiness –

These coloring workbooks are designed to offer you a simple, yet powerful, coloring journey toward a life you love.
What’s best – You’ll create yourself a visual reminder where you can always return to when you need encouragement on your path.

Color Your Dreams True

Color Your Dreams True & Learn to Trust the Process:
10 Simple Coloring Exercises to Help You Magnetize Your Dreams and Enjoy the Journey

Are you overwhelmed by your dream?
Are you longing for easy visual reminders of the joyful steps that you can take to remember that you’re already doing enough?

With this coloring workbook you can create your own visual reminder!

Color Your Dreams True is out of stock.

Other Books & Commissions

Ärrän pärinää

Ärrän pärinää
Riemukkaita ärräharjoituksia

Illustrated for Finnish speech therapists in 2020 to make finding the rolling R easy and playful for children. Author Alina Kaunisto. Written in Finnish.

Pieni kirja saippuanvalmistamisesta

Pieni kirja saippuanvalmistamisesta

Here’s all you need to know to make your first bar of soap from vegetable fats and lye. This little booklet was written by elinap and it was also used as a study material for the soap making courses she taught back in the early 2010’s. Written in Finnish.

Löytöretki yrityksen arvomaailmaan

Löytöretki yrityksen arvomaailmaan

Spot illustrations throughout the book in early elinap style. Author Martti Puohiniemi. Published in 2003. Written in Finnish.

Can be found in libraries in Finland.