Whoa! It was one year ago when I created this story… I never published it back then. I didn’t yet find the words to go with it.

This morning when I woke up, I saw this doodle in my mind and then was called back to this old story. I think now I got the words right for it. It sort of all clicked together.

It’s enchanting how the definition of ‘I’ is everchanging throughout the journey.. First it was the ego answering this question, then the heart. Now the heart lights the way for something more to emerge…


The Story of Our Light



That’s how our heart recharges the light that guides us in the dark, from the Source of our being.



For me the way for the heart to dissolve in me is through my hands – By creating art.

What is the most natural way for you to express love?



For our mind the path to dissolve into our being is through our heart. Express your love and the path opens up for the mind to find peace in your heart.



By the time I drew this last picture for this story I found Jim Carrey’s powerful message and it was perfect synchronicity.