Mira(cle)Doodles by elinap

Year 2018 is about doodling daily again – With ink this time.
For each month I’ve chosen a different color. This is fun!

Where Are You Taking Me?

So I stopped him on tracks,
And asked this question out loud.

But before that was possible,

Before that question truly formed in my mind,
I had to stay away from him for a month.

And slowly his grip on me loosened.

Those tempting red circles that he used to decorate his place
Didn’t show up anymore.
I still took a peek at him daily…

But really, I didn’t want to dance no more.

And nothing bad happened.

Just like that – I was free!

My dance with Facebook is now lead by me.

And what did I do with all this time that was freed from my schedule once I started to gain control again?

I have spent more time with my family,
I’ve read a lot of great books,
I have spent more time drawing.

And most of all,
Because I have a strong tendency to go down the comparison lane,
Without Facebook I have started to feel happier with what I got and
With what is going on in my life.

And I already was happy with those when I spent my time more on fb,
Now I just see it more clearly as I stop and look around more.

This is powerful!

Have you tried?
I’d love to hear from you, so comment below!

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