This Is Enough

Hi! I am Elina Puohiniemi and here are four ways to introduce myself…

I Do Enough

I have drawn all my life, and told stories. I educated myself as an artist and have been interested in inner musings of humans – From the viewpoint where we know there’s nothing broken. So I started studying Life Coaching and dove deep into the world of positive psychology, spirituality and law of attraction. This has made a nice contrast with my suffering artist me, and even though my output has mostly been uplifting and insightful for others it hasn’t been that way toward myself – But thanks to my studies I have started to uplift myself too! And that’s what I call doing enough – I do enough as long as what I do does good for me.

I Have Enough

I am a mother of two soon to be teen sons. I am a wife, daughter, friend, sister, aunt… I live in an apartment building with my family in a quite small apartment in a suburb of Vantaa, Finland. In 2015 I started to question if what I own actually was mostly clutter and started to go through my stuff the Konmari style. I didn’t count how much stuff I departed with, but I estimate that at least half of my personal belongings continued their life elsewhere after that summer. My minimalist journey has continued triumphantly – underneath my stuff I have found an extra room in our home, and lots and lots of extra time as I don’t spend time worrying about, maintaining nor moving my stuff around anymore. I have found out I have enough.

I Am Enough

I have a knack for spending lots of time by myself, wondering and wandering. My creativity springs from solitude and so I spend a lot of my time just Being. I love it. I need it. And I have found out that letting my creativity flow brings me fulfillment – thus I am enough when I let myself BE.

What Matters the Most to Me

Closest to my heart are Children, Creativity and Nature, so here you’ll be hearing stories and messages from children, nature and animals and of ecological, slow and simple lifestyle.

If you are interested in my art…

I’m the creator of Mira(cle)Doodles which are illustrations from my spiritual path – Little lovebombs since 2014. Meet Mira & her heart at

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