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The Eighth Gift – Let Curiosity Lead

Beautiful the gift which last August gave me.

Today I understood it even deeper. Curiosity is what leads me away from the awe, gratitude and all that bliss that I sometimes find. I can see that it is our True nature – But I can also see that to be here on this journey called life, we may have a mission that’s more than that.

When we reach happiness, awe and bliss, we have unlearned what we curiously started to study as babies – how to be a human. But to make our journey deeper and more interesting we can let our curiosity lead us to new challenges and toward new lessons. Yay! To find new gems from the struggles and to make life really interesting!

(I’ve been reading “The Afterlife of Billy Fingers” again.. )

Are you in for more gemdigging with me!?!

What was the gift you received in August?