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The Ninth Gift – Enjoy The Journey

In September we did another big leap of faith as a family. We wanted to see the autumn colors in Lapland. So we packed our car and filled it with cheap canned food. We had our tent ready and left for a one week journey! And we made it!
The trip was awesome! We slept in the tent for four nights. It wasn’t yet freezing, but close, so the mornings were very damp. We met friends we haven’t seen in years and the whole trip was just miraculous with serendipitious lovely happenings one after another.
It was a trip that really underlined that we need to do what our hearts desire – we will find a way, even without money! And enjoying the journey opens doors that you never even thought were existing!
I doodled the whole trip on the photos I took and you can see all the roadtrip doodles in the Pinterest.
This photo was taken two days ago. There was this amazing shape sticking up from the ice puddle in our nearest forest – just gorgeous!
What was the gift September gave you?