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Fourth Gift – Choose Joy

In April I begun “konmaring” my stuff. It’s a tidying up method by Marie Kondo (I read her book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up).

After years of studying about joy, law of attraction and all this – I realized soon that this was the final exam for me.

I got a lot of great teachers around me (my belongings!) as I surrendered to go through my stuff item by item and feel if it brought me joy or not. Many didn’t.

The change in me has been very deep and profound and is still happening as I learn choice by choice to choose what brings me joy in life. The biggest thing for me was to understand that I am allowed to discard all that doesn’t serve me now and doesn’t serve my vision.

Phew, sounds so small written there – but it was BIG!

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What was your gift from April?