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The Twelfth Gift – Rewrite Your Story

December is only half way through, but I wanted to draw this final gift already – in celebration of the beautiful journey that it was to reflect on this year with the intention of finding gems from each month.

This is truly about OWNING our story – this is about becoming co-authors of our life with Love. 

There is no need to bury any of the lessons, there is always a gem waiting to be revealed in all our experiences in life.

This exercise underlined the necessity of the process of looking for treasures we can find when we dig through, shine some light and uncover the scenes where we were involved in during the year. I say it’s necessary, because if we keep the old stories hidden and buried, they consume our energy – for nothing – We can turn them into stories that empower us instead!

Can you already see what is the gift of December for you this year?

Can see the gems of each day?

To the Finns here: I’m posting all these 12 Gifts + the coloring picture in Finnish in Hidasta elämää -website starting today! Go to: