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The Eleventh Gift – Welcome Love In Your Body

The most of November I lied down in my sickbed with a bad cold. The gift what I found there lying under my blanket was a beautiful castle for love to live in. I remembered an exercise I heard long ago – many, many years ago – it was what Sufians (?) do when they wake up. They touch their bodies from every part to call their sould back in.

I started to do that first thing in the morning. I begin with my toes and ended with giving my ears a good rub (I used to do Indian head massage as a part time job for some years- so I mean, it really wakes me up!!)

The effects have been wonderful!! The first weeks I started to feel more alive and sensual. Then I begun to find boundaries like never before. With all that has been happening in my life this year this exercise seems to nail it. I have stepped into my power on a totally new level holding hands with my mind, body and heart.

Have you tried this exercise? How did it effect your life?

What was the gift that last month brought you?