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You can replace the word “Comment” with anything that takes your concentration away from your own stuff and to the stuff of others.

For example:
Worrying about your health/diet/another person/the world (Call for action!!)
Surfing in the Facebook
Watching TV

So many things make you live the story of others rather than your own..

(And of course you can be doing all these, it’s very entertaining and educating – but if they rule your schedule, that’s when it gets in the way of success.)

This is a lesson I’ve been practicing this year with konmaring MY stuff. Marie Kondo sets a strict rule to concentrate only on your own stuff and not to touch anyone else’s. That’s really powerful!!

All in all – I feel empowered every time I choose me!
…And that’s what our hearts desire!
…….And following that is how to be successful!

How can you choose yourself right now?

Have a great day!