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I just got an email that was basically a rejection letter.


I just smiled! I was happy for it!

And this is a new feeling to me.. I used to take it personally, like really personally.. Like so that I didn’t try again for years.

But now I’ve tried! And first of all this letter is proof for that!

This year has been all about expanding my comfort zone and learning many new things. “Failing one time after another” would someone analyze my situation. But I like to see it in another way: I’m learning and growing so fast that there’s a lot of beautiful, meaningful things happening at the same time. These “fails” and “rejections” are but a little part of the whole journey. They truly are more like cosmic redirections than rejections after all.

You see, if you go fast enough the unmeaningful stuff naturally fall away.. And you don’t want to go to the directions of “No”s, because you have so much more joyful stuff going on in your life and in your projects.

But this letter was a proof of growth in another way too

I saw my growth as I compared to the last time I got a similar letter for another project.. I have learnt to express myself better in book proposals. My last rejection letter was preformatted and it was clear that it wasn’t anything personal, but of course that felt even more so.

Why am I celebrating that “Color Your Dreams True” got its first no?

  • This rejection letter was written for me, it wasn’t a preformatted letter.
  • I received it in a few weeks instead after the three months waiting that they usually let us wait.
  • They LIKED my book and wished me luck with it with a publisher that is more suitable for it.

This proves to me that I better continue and it also proves me that now I can create a kickass package to send publishers! I’m doing enough and my book is enough.

Next I am getting my book back from them and then decide where is it taking its next steps.

I love to be in this game!

What to learn from this:

  • Study beforehand if the publisher is publishing something similar already and that way could be more suitable for your book.
  • Keep sending those letters! Every time you finish writing one, you learn tons of stuff. Keep on moving. Begin. Take the first step! This is a journey, not a destination.
  • You can always learn to express yourself better. The publisher has never heard of your book before, so consider carefully how to present it with clarity and enough detail.
  • Publishing your book first in createspace is an advantage.

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