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I just had a lovely session with Mira.

I finally got to finish these old sketches I did some time ago.Sketch20123159

I have been in this hurdle of trying new things out, exploring and studying and learning and in the end I’ve been calling after my “stable basis”.

The thing that makes me “me” through all the exploring.

I can easily loose myself in the hype of something new and in the expanding of the comfort zone, and I think that that’s when expanding starts to hurt.


You need to remember what you want and what you dream of when out there!



Lesson explored.. I won’t say learnt, because this is one of those profound, really deep lessons, that are so much bigger when you look at them closer. Something that you need to choose moment after moment the rest of your life: To be the you you came here to be! <3

There’s magic in that decision!