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I love everything visual!! So I created myself a brochure about me and what I do..


It has photos of Mira(cle)Doodles and my coloring pictures. It begins with a list of my products and services:

heartfelt encounters

Coloring pictures and books that coach you
Delightful drawings
Art in action with kids (A storyteller)

And there are links to keep up with me: the newsletter, Patreon and Facebook.


And there’s a story of me:

“A 36 year old artist Elina Puohiniemi has done part-time graphic designing since 1991 and has been working with little children (under 7 years old) for twenty years. She studied a two year long life coach course to become a Master Coach and ever since she has been concentrating on clarifying the concepts of a spiritual path with uncomplicated, colorful doodles full of wisdom.

Elina’s drawings offer you a chance to step out from the path colored by your ego and to learn to choose love instead.

During 2016 Elina will publish books about her stories and drawings for children and inner children as well and illustrate a children’s book with an author from the U.S.”

Said about her

“She draws miracles.”
“Her drawings are like divine love bombs.”


Here’s a detail picture of a coloring picture I did with a group of preschoolers.

Ooh and here I share the logos for the places where Mira(cle)Doodles have been published in other places than my own social media channels: Hidasta elämää (A Slow Life movement website), Meidän Suomi (A magazine) and the newest the Project Positive Change.

Then a testimonial:

“Elina’s drawings put me at ease with their sweetness, colorfulness and uncomplicatedness and that makes one have faith in the goodness of our universe and other people.”

Simple, visual, cute and colorful!

A moment to breathe and have fun.

“Wisdoms and jokes”

On the backside of the brochure there’s my description in a nutshell and the contact information:

“An artist + A life coach = elinap

An illustrator of a spiritual path makes the loving viewpoint of life visible in her drawings, books and artistic encounters with children. It helps us to choose happiness, joy and love.”

It is quite a long journey to clarify what it is that you really do. I printed two of these and see things more clearly again.