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This is the week two of the Meditation Experience “Getting Unstuck: Creating a Limitless Life” by Deepak Chopra and Oprah that I’m doodling through.

Day 8


This brought to my mind an old doodle where Mira took the steering wheel from her ego. Now it’s time for her to hand it to her higher self and surrender to the beauty of life.


Let love lead and keep your ego quiet!



Day 9



Day 10


This reminds me of the story about the two wolves and how the one you feed wins.

Day 11


Today’s meditation and my children going around for the first time chasing pokemons was a combination that resulted in this doodle..

Day 12


Day 13


This is soooooo great topic, I just love it! How we think it is egoistical to say we deserve, but in the end, I think, it’s our ego that is trying to convince us that we are not worthy.. It’s his purpose to keep us safe and survive anyway. (But once he notices how much better we feel when we fulfill our purpose, it’ll learn it’s okay!)

Day 14


This meditation was so much about my path that I got very happily surprised!

“The creative path is by definition a path of desire and intention. There’s hidden power in having a desire, letting go and paying attention to whatever nature brings you. In this way bigger and bigger dreams begin to come true. If you allow them to without struggle. The greatest gift’s that life brings us is a joyous surprise!” – Deepak Chopra

I even created a coloring workbook about this path I took! It made bigger and bigger dreams come true for me, and my book has already helped others to follow that path too – in a simple way!
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