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Day 6 - Growing in Positivity

I love how much lighter looking at this doodle makes me feel. And to have these mores thriving in my relationship with myself is the goal for the first week of Meditation Experience.

But before I drew that and actually before I meditated..

These two doodles wanted to be drawn:

Day 6 - Drop the Blame

I didn’t finish coloring as I felt this wasn’t yet the answer for today’s meditation. But… I’ve used a grey horse as a symbol for our mind. And to think about how it would turn out if we blamed it and didn’t let her be and heal itself…

And here’s another example, this time about awareness applied outward:

Day 6 - Awareness Applied Outward

Well, I suggest you go back to the colorful doodle of today and feel lighter again after these two doodles. It’s really a better direction – Toward light – Give yourself permission to feel light!

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