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Happy Birthday, Mira!! Many more miracles to come!

I was just looking through my old journals and realized that Mira’s birthday was on March 29th!

She has been in so many things in her life! I haven’t counted but a wild guess is that she has appeared in almost 800 published doodles and in many unpublished ones in my journals. She has been featured in Hidasta elämää website, and in a blog in Germany. I’ve sold rights to some of my doodles for two different commercial purposes and her newest appearance is in a magazine five times a year. Mira’s goal for this year is to appear in as many books (created by me) as she can! She has done a lot already and I’ve used Pinterest as the place where they all appear! I love her (and hope I remembered to mention everything)! 

Right now Mira has been busy helping me with the newest Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra Meditation Experience (I publish them as an extra treat in patreon for my $1+ patrons, you are warmly welcome to join us!) and the BOOK LAUNCH!! It will happen in just a few days – I’ll tell more tomorrow in my newsletter.

A lot to celebrate now!