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We are fully provided with all we need on this beautiful, abundant planet which we travel through space and time with.

It’s her day on April 22nd and I suggest that we dedicate this day for being as conscious as we can be in our loving actions.

In basics life is very simple: We eat, we sleep and we are active.

How to give back to our planet in these three aspects of life on the Earth Day?


Whatever we put in our mouth is provided to us by the earth. Take a moment to consider the chain of loving actions that brought it to you. I love to think back like this, back to the sunshine and rain that nourished the seed that grew up to be my food. I love to think of all the people that were needed to bring this food on my table. I feel thankful even of the intention of the farmer who decided to sow those seeds. And the person creating the package for it! Oh, and what about those who drive the vehicles to move my food around this planet! And the cashier to whom I pay for the food. The guys who designed the buildings that my food is prepared in! Or the ones who built those! And what about all the food that was provided for them too! There is so much loving intentions and beautiful people serving us. And if we eat something that comes from the kingdom of animals, then we have another living creatures to be thankful for! And what is provided by the earth to feed us continues its journey to change into our cells and keeps us going. How much there is to be grateful for in a single plateful of food!


When you go to sleep, let all your weight be trusted to the bed, to the floor, to the earth underneath that supports you. Sleeping is trusting. Trusting is resting. Leave resistance behind and love this support you get every night and during every nap that you take.


Let all your activities today support and respect our planet. Think back with all the products you use like you think of the food that is provided to you by our beautiful planet. Everything we hold in our hands or sit on or work with is provided to us by Mama Earth, isn’t that wonderful!

All in all, I’m giving my consciouss awareness as a gift to our planet. I believe our awareness makes us more loving and respectful – step by step. That’s enough.

More information about the Earth Day.

Happy Earth Day!