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I am MORE than enough!

All my life my greatest joy has been brought to me from three areas of life: Children, Creativity and Nature. Those three also describe what my life has all been about.
So in those areas I can truly find many ways how I’m MORE than enough.
– I have found a way to be with children in so special way that I’ve been called a child whisperer. Children bring love to the surface and I can reflect it back to them easily. That’s MORE than enough for us all! <3
– I am not hiding my stuff in the drawers anymore but taking conscious steps to allow money to flow in my life through my art. (See Patreon for more) And I am MORE than enough with serving the world with the dance of my pen and the love that it spreads to the world.
– I am doing MORE than enough to be as ecological and conscious with the choices I make and with my life style as I possibly can.
Wow, how good it feels to open up to the outpour of enoughness!! Just like with calling for beliefs that no longer serve us and they keep popping up here and there – This exercise does the same – The wave of enoughness is enourmous! Let’s surf that beauty!
I’d love to hear about your beautiful wave!
Tell me in what ways you feel you are MORE than enough!