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Reflecting back again.. Last year I moved out from Scar-City. I commited to that this very day of the ‪#‎MoneyLoveChallenge‬ and it begun a magical journey into enoughness that I now feel.

I was introduced to Marie Kondo’s “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” last spring and started shoveling away all that didn’t spark joy in me. Out went also the endless to do lists of crafts. Those that were wonderfully inspiring, but took my focus away from what I felt like I really wanted to do. Having too much proved to be the source of feeling not enough for me.

Now, after I’ve donated and discarded more than half of my belongings I feel I live abundantly!! What a paradox it is!! Focusing on things you love and cherish and want to keep teaches you to focus on all that in the other areas of your life too! (Out went also a lot of old beliefs that served me no more..)


  • My office is now luxuriously spacious and tidy all the time – creativity flows in and my focus is in the now. (Last year I rented a tidy space for myself – This is so much better!)
  • I have a loving, funny family and we have so much fun together in our cozy home!
  •  I have a beautiful access to a world of magic and wonder that fills me with gratitude, awe and bliss always when I look into it. Happy tears!

I guarantee, this stuff works!! Just keep your focus on enough!

Now to you – In what ways do you feel you have enough?

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