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The Wealth Chef – Ann Wilson – is offering a free Money Makeover online course this month and I thought I’d participate there, and again studying it by doodleing with Mira, Love and Ego..

So here are the first five days:

Day 1


Day 2

Here I changed the exercise around from the Wheel of Life into a Pie of Life. In the Wheel of Life we look for what’s missing, but in this pie thing we can observe what we shoulf enjoy more. What to concentrate on to be able to eat the whole pie!?


Day 3

Dreaming begins! It’s a powerful vehicle to get anything in life moving.
First dream! Anything is possible! I loved to dream this exercise!


Day 4

Visualize your dream with all your senses. Make it as real as you can!


Day 5

Set up your biggest Why. Wilson advices to go to the future and see how you’d feel if nothing has changed and take that feeling as your fuel to continue fulfilling your dream and as a biggest why to learn more about money on your way to financial freedom.


The Wealth Chef of course explains these in more detail and is awesome at it. Join the makeover and experience it yourself and let these doodles help you like they help me!