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The Wealth Chef Ann Wilsons’ 30-day Money Makeover continues with the teachings of the money language.

Day 16


Day 17

Here Ann told us directions how to find where we stand. It’s eyeopening to really look around us and take a look at where we stand. And that is quite hard too for a dreamer like me.


Day 18

was about creating an emergency fund.


Day 19

I love when I hear smart ways to direct your money! It’s so important to shake your habits, look what is going on and learn new healthy habits!


Day 20

Day 20 was about finding the next step. But what was interesting was that I got to peek at the steps after the next step as Ann revealed all those five ones and this brought so much clarity that I actually saw a path filled with joyful parties for the first time instead of struggling to meet the first step. Celebrate all the steps on your journey!



Ann Wilson The Wealth Chef of course explains these in more detail and is awesome at it. Join her Money Makeover and experience it yourself and let these doodles help you like they help me!