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These are doodled while studying The Wealth Chef Ann Wilsons’ 30-day Money Makeover.

Days 21 & 22

I combined these two days into this one doodle.


Day 23

I couldn’t resist doodleing “rat in the wealth pantry” like Ann called this phenomenon.


Day 24

When I look around who I spend my time with I see love all over. At home, with friends and in social media. How Love is doing financially, I haven’t yet figured out, but I do have great time with her!


Day 25

Ah, here too! The magic of tidying up! I love it! You can see more doodles of my tidying up festival with Marie Kondo’s method in Pinterest.


Ann Wilson The Wealth Chef of course explains these in more detail and is awesome at it. Join her Money Makeover in May and experience it yourself and let these doodles help you like they help me!