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These are doodled while studying The Wealth Chef Ann Wilsons’ 30-day Money Makeover in May.

Day 26

Okay, Money, there’s some things to be done before celebration!


Day 27

Was about recognizing your dreams from the dreams of others.


Day 28

Keep increasing your knowledge!


Day 29

Oops, but be ready to change direction if things didn’t work out.. Or if there appears even bigger juicier goals ahead, be flexible enough to go for them!


Day 30

“Repetition is the key to mastery”. Write out your plan!


Okay, it seems like MIra’s life is beginning to become one with her wealth cooking, and so be it. The Money Makeover ends here. I enjoyed every moment of it and was so happy, happy to doodle it through! This really helps the message to sink in for me. Thank you for everyone who joined me and enjoyed the journey too!

Ann Wilson The Wealth Chef of course explains these in more detail and is awesome at it.