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This is what happened a year ago, now that I review back.

And as my heart guided me through the year I took the ten steps that now are in the book I JUST PUBLISHED on Thursday!! YAY!!!

The steps made me feel confident and as my plans then hit the moment when I really started to live my dream through and create my first book I didn’t see the dragon anymore. I didn’t give it a single thought.

Now that the book is published I can see that the dragon was there. It is actually worse now than it was before the publication!

My ego has tricked me many times in these past months and tried his best to keep me safe and in my normal comfort zone where everything is predictable. Ego hates it when we expand, because he needs to figure out so many new things that could be harmful. But I kept going stubbornly and confident. (I really had the right armor for this job!)

I truly hope that the book will guide you to listen to your heart and get conscious of your armor to face any situations that you need to face to fulfill your dream!

And now that I have the aftermath with the ego about publishing the book I can say that I am lucky I didn’t have THESE thoughts before the publication, because it would have never happened. Lol!

I’m moving toward the next book next week to keep my soul busy singing it’s beautiful song and keeping the ego silent.

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