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My journey of getting unstuck

The theme for the meditationexperience is very inspiring I think, because Getting Unstuck has often been the issue in my life. I’ve often used the dark pit as a symbol in my doodles. It has been the place of deep despair: “How can I again be deep in this hole” or an inspiring journey to my roots weeding away the beliefs that no longer serve me.

It’s a place where in my doodles I’ve pointed out starts a journey of taking action and one step at a time with commitment climbing up and changing your life. (I even created a workbook about it: )

Read a blog post where you can see all the different doodles.

But just a few weeks ago I read in Ann Wilson’s book The Wealth Chef this about skyscrapers. She points out the importance of building your foundation. And I got it, all this time that I’ve been doodling dark pits from different points of views I have been building the foundations of my dream.

Yay, I’m ready to join Deepak Chopra and Oprah to find out their view of this theme – Are you with me?