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This influenza is a nasty one. After one week of bedrest, I still feel the need to lay down and there’s a loud humming in my head. But without fever it is really much easier to recognize the voices in my head. I can hear Lizzie quite loudly, explaining all that there is that I’d need to have from others to heal faster. I can see through that already.. So I made it in this story:


All through my bedrest I’ve been too sick to look up and to see my surroundings. It has all happened in my head. So in my head I created beauty – if there was a moment of consciousness to do that.


It all happens in my head.

What comes to the others is that they already ARE the beauty I am surrounded with!!

My ego seems to forget that and craves for action. But what healing really is about is to shut that Lizzard up and replace it’s thoughts with more beautiful ones – with the ones that are healing. Like this:


We can create a solid and healing environment for ourselves in our head. It will always be with us. In those moments too when we are too weak to open our eyes and when the humming is so loud that we hear no one else than our own self.

What is the most beautiful thought about you?
What ignites awe in you?

I’m going to be focusing on those from now on here.