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Flight with Eagle

This is a guest blog by Diana Pak
Illustrated by elinap

Sometimes you just don’t know anymore. You get stuck. Lost in details. Overwhelmed by options, opinions, possibilities and ideas.

Sometimes it helps to talk to people about it. They can give you clarity on your next step. But, as it often is in my case, they can also make it “worse”. Give you even more options. More stuff to think about and consider. More confusion.

Other people use creative art to get clarity, through drawings, paintings and doodling 🙂

But, what if all of that doesn’t help? I have this happen more than often in my life. In different areas. I also love to journal on it, or meditate. But even those will not always give me clarity.

So, when I just don’t know anymore, I turn to nature. I either go walking in a forest, or along the beach, to clear away the cobwebs and find out what the core of it all is. What it is all about.

But, sometimes, more than I would like to, I don’t have access to nature. Yes, nature is everywhere, but the nature I am talking about, forests, lakes, mountains, are not always available for me to easy access. And it is different to go there physically. In my mind, I can transport there for sure. But, the sensations of being there in the flesh, nothing can compare. I need the stillness of nature to enter my own stillness. My own place of calm.

So, what do I do when I am not able to do that?

I turn to my spirit animals. Or totem animals, just what you would like to call them. Where someone might turn to God, or Jesus, or any other God or Deity, I turn to my spirit animals.

I have two that are always there for me. Stag and Eagle. Stag often pushes me, to take my fears by the hand and step out of my comfort zone. To grow and evolve. And always reminds me when I have been too hard on myself, to take time for gentle self-care.


Mira(cle)Doodles by elinap

But, when I feel confused and overwhelmed, I turn to Eagle. I go into a trance journey with Eagle. I climb up a mountain and wait for it to come. When it comes, it sits down next to me. It never speaks. He just is there for me. With his clear vision, he lets me see my world from another perspective. From up above. Often, he invites me to sit on his back so I can go fly with him. Just to oversee my situation and what road or action best to take next.

I am so grateful for my ability to do this. And I am so glad I am stepping up more and more to also let others experience this. How nature and animals can give clarity and lessons in life. How grounding the energy of animals can be, how pure and present. In the now.

How some animals can help reconnect to your inner child, find joy again. How some animals can help you stand in your strength, to speak your truth. And other animals can bring you a lightness of being. And of course, the power of unconditional love.

We are part of nature, but so many of us have forgotten. I have been called to repair this connection, to help people remember. The animals are stepping up to let their voices be heard, nature is showing their medicine, through people like me. But, in the end, we are all connected and if you let it, you can also receive all this information.

So, if you want to fly with Eagle, just like Mira, I have created a free meditation for this. Normally I only offer it to people who join my mailing list, but I love to offer it to the people that follow Mira too.

You can find it here:
Flight of the Eagle – A Free Meditation
password: Eagleflight

Have a safe flight!
Diana van Trijffel-Pak


Diana van Trijffel-Pak is the owner and creator at HeartMessages. She is an animal and nature messenger, writer, awakener, nature-loving Earth-dweller. You can find her also on Facebook.


Mira(cle)Doodles guest blogs are a collaboration with awesome heart-centered entrepreneurs inspiring Mira & me.


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