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Mira(cle)Doodles - Elina Puohiniemi

It all begins with opening the heart.. My path as an artist has followed a miraculous path of opening my heart step by step and the more I share, the more I care, the more I shine the more miracles happen. I have been offered help and opportunities that I wasn’t even been able to imagine before I connected with my tribe, a group of women worldwide who share the same vision. These open hearts of ours bound us together, took us by the hand and let us grow bigger than what we were before.

What I’ve learnt from this is that love always finds a way to guide us home. When we help each other everybody wins. It is important to look for your tribe, to connect and to really FEEL the love, learn to receive it and then when you are familiar with what loving yourself and being loved feels like you are ready to give it to the world and your cup will always overflow.

How can you show love to the people around you today?
How can you love yourself more right now?

This was first published as a guest post at G.R.O.W.