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Colors as Our Guides: GREEN

Written & Illustrated by elinap

Mira(cle)Doodles by elinap

In 2018 I’ll explore daily doodling with different hues of ink on paper.
It was time for green ink in August.

Here’s What Happened…

Ohhh, it wasn’t enough to understand how FEELINGS  & your ego’s tricks go together with the orange ink in May – What I needed was to dive deeper into emotions and start a journey from the bottom.

I was excited to find my teachers and theme for the month, when I had set an intention for doodling with green. And so it happened in the beginning of August – after waiting for 250 people on line in library – I got the perfect guidebook for the month “Tikapuut rakkauteen” (Ladders to Love) by Tara Lange. This book introduced me to Dr. David Hawkins’ theory of emotions which I learnt more about from You Tube. But the sweetest was when I started talking about my emotional inner journey my massage therapist she showed me a book called “The Journey” by Brandon Bays – I immediately got the book from library too and started reading! So My teachers Lange, Bays and Hawkins inspired me to journey deep into emotions. I also dug out my old study notes from Marika Borg’s teachings and with them included Abraham and Hicks’ into the journey too! (Esther & Jerry Hicks’ book “Ask and It’s Given” inspired the scale of emotions on my journey)

So I did what I’m best at – Figured out a brand new personalized coaching experience for myself and started going thorugh the emotions that were lingering right below the surface and needed my attention. I dove deeper to the bottom of it all and started climbing upward one emotion at a time. Doing tapping (EFT) at the same time.

My green doodle journey shows a hierarchy of emotions from the heavier emotions to lighter ones. I stripped it down to the minimum, to show the bigger picture with the ocean, jungle and mountain metaphor. I consider the heavy emotionss taking me under the water and isolating me from the others. The deeper down controversially the more dependent I become of the others. Everything is someone else’s fault. I’m not to blame, I’m just the victim suffering from the heaviness of the world and society and everything enyone says. Due to my personality type, these emotions are something I’m very familiar of – Certainly not afraid of them, but sometimes too into them, wanting to find the hidden pearls from the muds of humanity and thus rolling in deep in them to find answers (which are not there to be found!)

In the jungle of emotions we feel a bit lighter, but our emotions are keeping us busy in our everyday life most of the time – These average emotions include blame, doubt, impatience and stress for example. In the jungle where we are trying to survive among our enemies – The others are still deeply involved in our lives, we think. It’s a world where there’s a lot of human drama and conflict.

Finally with a courageous conscious decision we can start climbing up with making conscious decisions one after another and reach the summit – And leave behind the damp air of the jungle. This mountain is something where the ego doesn’t follow us so tightly anymore – Everything gets easier and easier as we go. Synchronicities start to occur and we feel lighter. Miracles are easier and easier to catch!

According to Dr. David Hawkins’ theory not very many make it to the top – But when they do, they become someone who can really truly help us down in the jungle of emotions, struggling to get ahead, not seeing the horizon.

In my own emotional journey in August, I journeyed from the depths of the ocean, through the jungle and started bravely taking the steps to climb the mountain. I chose one particular part of my life that I have felt being stuck for too long. Because admittedly, many parts of my life flow freely and lots of great things have already happened – So I was ready to face the murkier parts of my life and will still continue releasing the heavy emotions as I go, because some things are not easy to let go with a blick of my eye. They need committed perseverance to follow the bubbles until I can see the light.

My process was loving as I had green color with me and with it had opened my heart for lovingly feeling all of my emotions. Opening your heart to possibilities beyond ego’s world actually allows you to take a peek from the mountain top into what it could be – Without judgment for where you actually are in your everyday life. I have hope, like we all do and maybe one day my understanding will expand to really comprehending how all of these emotions are in me, truly, every second as possibilities and learning curves for growth and how to let them flow freely. For now I have studied it and got glimpses of it being the truth and feel relief for finding this knowledge from the wise souls who shared their work with me this month as my teachers.

There’s no need to cling into the bubble I created at the bottom of the ocean, isolated from the others but reacting to everything they do. With every breathe I take I can allow myself to be free as one insight leads to another and one emotion to another.

Life is meant to flow freely and so are emotions!

Mira(cle)Doodles by elinap

What’s Green About?

Green is the color of the heart chakra – Lovingly trusting in yourself and the world. Living with your heart open allows you to experience a kind and loving world with being true to yourself and who you really are.

Open your heart, choose love & love your life!

Have you soaked up with green lately?

Walked in the forest and eaten your greens?

 Add more green in your life & you’ll open up to the simple joys of loving your life!

I’d love to hear from you – Comment below
And let’s share our journey!

In September I’ll be doodling with turquoise!

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