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Colors as Our Guides: PINK

Written & Illustrated by elinap

Mira(cle)Doodles by elinap

In 2018 I’ll explore daily doodling with different hues of ink on paper.
For March the color of the ink I use is pink.


Here’s what happened…

My need for this month was to immerse myself in trusting more in the Universe,
Trusting more in my life and above all in the future.
With this in mind I called for doodling ideas when I sat down to doodle.

My month of concentrating in Universal Love (which pink represents) on a daily basis
helped me to really start to see myself without the pink shades I typically wear.
This time the pink came from inside and shades weren’t needed.

It’s typical for me to believe in an imaginary version of myself
Whether it is helpful for my dream or not.

In March I opened my eyes to see the reality and decided to trust it as it is.
Without fear.

Because when I fear what the future brings and don’t trust that I have all that I need already,
I look at my reality with different eyes than when I do trust in the future.

Concentrating on Universal Love helped me to see myself with love
(and ditch those pink shades my ego wants me to wear saying “Oh it’s okay, all is well” when it’s not).
I studied those aspects of my life that worry me the most,
and this process opened some beautiful new beginnings for me.

So all in all, this experiment with pink ink
Started with the intention of trusting the Universe,
but ended up with facing my life as it is.
I now let the bigger picture rest,
And face the life that surrounds me right now.

I’m loving it.

Working With Just One Color at a Time

I love simplicity and I love to dig really deep into the feelings that colors bring me. This is deep diving into the meaning of colors with patience. There’s no hurry and after this year I will begin using more colors.

Mira(cle)Doodles by elinap

I have loved how these three colors (blue, purple & pink) have brought me their messages and healing with the slow pace of having a palette that isn’t overwhelming, there is no need to make as many decisions as there is with a full palette.
Although I didn’t feel overwhelmed by colors – I decided to concentrate in one color at a time just to slow down and have a deeper relationship with them all. Sometimes all that we need is time and this experiment for 2018 is providing it for me beautifully!

A rainbow year with Mira will look wonderful when I have all the 365 doodles done and can pick my favorite doodles from each color!

Mira(cle)Doodles by elinap

What’s Pink About?

I heard once that pink is the color of the chakra of Universal Love which is an additional chakra above your heart. But I couldn’t find more information about that, everywhere is said that pink is the secondary color of the heart chakra. Personally I do like the first explanation better, so I’ll go with that.

By adding more pink in your life your heart starts to open up to more than just your own experience of life, to bigger things that rule in this world. Love and fear are the opposites that always dance together. When you add more pink in your life it’s easier to choose love and concentrate on the healing powers of love. Fear gets less attention from you now.

How do you feel about pink?

Do you need to concentrate more on love over fear?

 Try adding more pink in your life!

I’d love to hear from you – Comment below
and let’s share our journey!

In April I’ll be exploring red!

Artist, Illustrator, Author & Life Coach. Turning struggles into loving laughter with her illustrations.
Creator of Mira(cle)Doodles.

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Mira(cle)Doodles © Elina Puohiniemi 2018