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Here’s How I Draw It


I’m doodling through A Course in Miracles Workbook for the third time this year and as it’s almost 300 lessons down from the 365, I’m already starting my sixth notebook!

There are about 80+ doodles in one notebook, so I’ve been really on it.

In this video you’ll get to see the whole doodling of the last doodle (lesson 293) that fit in the fifth notebook.

My Daily Doodling Process:

  • Read the lesson
  • Choose a quote
    = Words that resonate or pop up for me from the text.
  • Write it down in the notebook.
  • Let the image come, unless it’s already clear in my mind.
  • Pencil drawing for the illustration.
  • Ink it ready.
    This ink is really wet,
    so I need to proceed from left to right so I don’t mess it up.
  • Let the ink dry and then erase the pencil away.

I’m also wrapping up the notebook in the video with creating a pocket from the last page of the notebook for my notes that are just thoughts that I wanted to write down and save.

Last I’ll add the finishing touches, and am ready to move on to the next notebook, which I can’t wait to start filling up tomorrow!

If you have any questions…

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