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A Doodle Journey in Miracles


Enjoy studying A Course in Miracles Workbook lessons with Mira(cle)Doodles on Patreon!
Mira turns the obscure concepts into whimsy & fun making studying easy with each illustration.
MIRA 1 & 2 - Collections of Mira(cle)Doodles

Since I started studying A Course in Miracles in 2014, and Mira popped out of my pen on the ninth day to help me with it (it’s hard to study it on your own!), I’ve had an urge to share Mira’s happy & joyful vibes as a year-long journey!

Now, it’s finally time to make my dream come true—you can join A DOODLE JOURNEY IN MIRACLES on Patreon!

I’ll be sharing two posts a week which equals to at least two lessons a week illustrated for you all through the year! Every now and then, I’ll also post doodle stories for the lessons that needed more than one doodle.

Patreon has been my accountability space since 2016. I’ve used the platform for creating my books by posting my progress regularly even if no one is watching. That’s me, I’m driven by the calls from my heart to take one step after another when it comes to making my dream come true! I’d love if you join me though, it’d make the journey merrier—sharing the journey makes studying ACIM so much easier.

Now, my next book dream is to publish a book with these A Course in Miracles related doodles. With small steps, though. It could be a series of books or all of them in one. We’ll see!

If you join me on Patreon, you’ll stay tuned and get to enjoy these delightful doodles all year round!


When you join A DOODLE JOURNEY IN MIRACLES you can choose to receive just the ACIM doodles I share (+ my free posts) or pick the tier with ALL POSTS, and you get the whole deal with my monthly doodles, book journey updates & puppet build posts where Mira and her friends will come alive.

What’s Patreon?

Patreon is a platform which makes sharing digital content easy for the artist. Nowadays, if you want to sell digital goodies and want to play it by the rules all the taxes charged are paid to the country in which the buyer lives. How could I manage that by myself? Patreon sorts it out and my sales can then be global and not restricted within my own country. I love it!

Feel free to ask me more about Patreon, if you have any questions!

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