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elinap 2021

Elina Puohiniemi, aka elinap

…is an artist, life coach and the creator of the Mira(cle)Doodles series. She searches for a loving meaning in everything she experiences.

As a tactile learner she needs to draw what she wants to understand, and thus were born her uplifting doodles that simplify and explain spiritual challenges with a loving twist.

She lives in Finland with her husband and their two teenage sons and a poodle.

Thousands of doodles published online since 2014.

Coloring pictures for groups of children since 2015.

Three self-published books and more in the making.

Graphic design and illustrations for many more books, presentations, websites, educational materials, blogs and branding since 2003.

The themes I love to explore in my art are all things nature, human nature & spiritual growth.

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