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12 Gifts of 2015 Begins!

Yesterday I sent a newsletter with a coloring exercise of wrapping your year in 12 parts, 12 gifts to carry with you to 2016. I wanted to celebrate the gifts I found by doodleing them, so here begins the series for those!

First Gift – “Commitment”

In January I committed to draw 365 doodles this year and thought they would take me somewhere where my dreams come true. And of course they did – but taking those small steps every day WAS the dream already. That’s what it was all about. You don’t need to be somewhere to “be there” – You just need to act like you were there already and you will be – every moment!

In 2016: I will believe in committing to my dreams and taking action.

“Flow of Life” in the doodle refers to the life that “happens” to us – when we slip from our own path and get carried away with the expectations of others or beliefs that are rooted in us but don’t serve us. Committing to stay on our path makes us the authors of our life.

Would you like to share your gifts with us?
What did January bring you?